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Employee Engagement

According to Gallup (2016), 87% of employees who work for organizations worldwide are not engaged, costing their employers billions of dollars in lost productivity and turnover each year. While many organizations today are investing in new technologies to survey their employees more frequently, simply measuring employee engagement does not create or improve it. As Gallup (2016) concludes, “metrics on their own don’t drive change or increase performance. Many of these survey-only approaches measure employee perceptions and provide metrics instead of improving workplaces and business outcomes”.

Employee engagement reflects whether individuals are motivated by their work and the workplace culture that embeds them. One way that Gallup (2016) recommends organizations build employee engagement is to promote coworker camaraderie. Gallup’s (2008) analyses show that having friends at work is “a scientifically salient ingredient in obtaining a number of business-relevant outcomes, including profitability, safety, inventory control, and — most notably — the emotional connection and loyalty of customers to the organization serving them”.

Collaborative Consumption

Collaborative consumption refers to peer-to-peer sharing of goods and services via online marketplaces. Through this growing consumer practice, people gain access to goods and services at lower financial and environmental costs with the added opportunity of networking socially. By bringing collaborative consumption to the workplace, we connect employees across generations and motivate to build the inclusive and innovative workplace they desire – one based on sharing and sustainability.

How it Works

When an organization subscribes to our software-as-a-service, their employees are connected to coworkers within a private marketplace so that they can borrow and lend goods plus volunteer services to help each other. Employees use our mobile application, which has a retail user interface that is both familiar and intuitive to them. Our patent-pending technology removes noted barriers to collaborative consumption – a lack of information and trust – and enhances the coordination of sharing exchanges through scheduling, tracking and notifications. Employees make new friends at work while saving money and materials. They feel compelled to pay forward the generosity they receive, which transforms their workplace into a vibrant and caring community.

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